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This tell-all book is a glance into the crooked world of a city agency whose sole purpose is to rehabilitate youth at risk but with a spurious attempt to have an inordinate turnover rate of the staff that eclipse any other agency in the city. When society asks where the wild things are, the answer is that they are in detention.
Locked Up and Put Away has the potential to educate parents and their teenage children on the dangers and toxic atmosphere that thrive in these facilities while it attacks street culture at its core. It’s a raw depiction of how life is on the front line in detention. You will be engaged in the endless situations the author encounters that have everything from sex, drugs, and hip-hop as the backdrop with incidents that lead to violence and, in one case, death.

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Locked Up and Put Away – Booker Geez
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Locked Up and Put Away – Booker Geez